Death knell

The article on Marc Murai   today in the paper  really spells the end of this IOKA episode. It really is too bad that  this  fragile soul was thrust forward  to lead the  charge. A local face  and a Harold Hill persona was required  to get any movement . A self  professed shy  man  did not have a prayer. I have no clue  what the editorial today accomplished. The tag line of moving Exeter into the 21 st century was lost on me.

In NH almost 14% of it’s residents are employed in non profit ventures.   In Maine it’s even higher. I  find that  interesting and troubling at the same time. I think it would be better if  the number was much lower. I actually have thought  that NH  cannot afford itself. Think about that for a bit. We just this year   got kindergarten in  every Town!. This despite years of documentation of it’s positive effect  on learning.

This State requires  a huge influx of jobs,  high paying jobs. That does  not include jobs handling baggage at  Pease  for  the next  vacation  airline. I would close that airport in  one day and  lay out another huge industrial park on it’s runway( it has one runway). It will  never , ever, be a functioning airport. It would be great  if   someone would take one more look at Judd Gregg’s  participation at  Pease. That story about his brother  and  development  at Pease died too fast.

In NH  every  venture  always starts  with ” let’s apply for a grant”. I have a project to install some composting toilets on the Swasey. The first word I heard was “grant”. I  shot back “how about everyone paying 20 bucks? The seed money for  Crossroads House in Portsmouth,  about 300K, came from  a Detroit  Foundation. The YMCA/ Commons  dream   is a long way from it’s goal. That million  bucks is not in the bag. I  will admit to  having  questions about that Project. I don’t understand at all  the profuse thanks to our Congressional Team. Big deal. Gregg  gives a million every year for the smart police car sinkhole project at UNH. How long has that project been funded? Maybe if we really want something we should pay for it. Maybe if  we need this ” community center” that is now  a 55, 000 person “community” we should be  asking some  tough questions about the future.

Perhaps  it was   hyperbole but don’t be telling me that “thousands ” will be visiting the YMCA. That’s a quote from  an article on the SMG website.. There were  a lot of residents that were glad to see the High School  leave simply for the improved  traffic flows. So now  we will have a year round traffic generator? If  the Squamscott Commons is to serve 55,000 people  then it should be relocated right now. I suggest  the  defunct  car dealership at the  end of Epping Road. I would love to see Epping Road  finally  get some sort of anchor.

I spent some time at the  YMCA, growing up in Needham MA. I also attended a Summer camp for years in Greenfield NH, Camp Union. It was  a Boston YMCA camp.  The YMCA in Needham was in an old house, later they added a pool. I have no  case to make against a YMCA. I do see  the LGBT community  has some beefs with  the  “family  membership ” I hope that is  addressed   for our diverse community.

Get an EZ pass and retire a toll booth worker


3 thoughts on “Death knell

  1. The negative drumbeat of the various editorials made it seem quite clear that the powers that be at the News-Letter were no fans of Murai.

    I’d bet that someone high up at the paper knows someone who knows someone who is likely “next in line” to buy and develop the property.

  2. The Exeter Theater Company, organized as a non profit in January is still committed to having the Ioka as a community-run theater. if you have any interest.

    As for Squamscott Community Commons, the town specifically chased the non profit away in the mid 90s from Epping Road as they wanted all the businesses located there to be tax-paying. An earlier design of the center was there. So, the Linden Street site was chosen as the best way to reuse a challenging building/site. If you want to really understand the project, contact She can give you facts that might be interesting for you to blog about.

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