Gloria Cheever

I was out walking the  dog a few weeks ago downtown. I was coming down Spring  St behind the Fairpoint Switch building and spotted Gloria.

She was throwing some brush  on this pile in the parking lot. She was moving around with some authority  for sure. I hailed her with “is that your pile?” ” Yes ” she answers. I got to know her a little bit.  The pile is next to the burning bush. She has a couple of other piles. I got the sense she was not a lineman but  assumed a next door neighbor. Nope, just someone that thinks the site is quite pretty, and should be kept in better shape. I agree. She has been adding to that pile for some time. Just above those  parking stops is a very nice spot that  really should have a picnic table. You could have a very nice almost private picnic there. I asked her if she had approached Fairpoint about  removing her piles, “no money’ she answered. She gave me a complete tour of the grounds , pointing out the  once lovely landscaping.” It just needs some attention”. I remember Verizon was not much for gardening either. I checked around a little. These little switch buildings are becoming available for reuse.. The switch banks are not what are in use any more, so the buildings are unnecessary,  smaller spaces are sufficient.

Parking lot on Center St on the front side of the  Fairpoint Building. I had no  idea this was  a Town lot. The  green space for a table is at the rear of this lot.

This the front with some nice  plantings, the granite curbing is in disarray. Trucks  park on the lawn. Major pet peeve of mine folks, sorry,but lawn parking is for the Fair only.

This picture is  the  empty lot that once had a Church  on it. I want to know the  date of the last meeting held by Town Officials with  anyone concerning the  property. The Cobbler Shop burned down in 1992 ? The Cobbler occupied   the lot between   11 water St & the Chocolatier.. Is that  site going to lay dormant with   that awful fence forever?

That Church lot would look pretty  this Winter  as a Christmas Tree Lot, maybe a Churchill Style lot, no crappy  trailers. The lot on the River, I have no idea what that owner is thinking. Not much in my book.

If Fairpoint cannot afford to clean up Gloria’s piles could we send a truck over?


One thought on “Gloria Cheever

  1. Gloria has been tidying up Exeter for decades including the American Independence Museum and the Exeter Historical Society. We needmore people like Gloria. Selfless and caring.

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