Exeter River Nov 6,2009

Strong current on the outside of(always, that’s how they meander) Little  River.

The bank in this area seems to be used as a neighborhood leaf dump to me.

Little River looking to footbridge

Gilman Park at the boat ramp looking upstream

From the Academy pump house looking to Gilman Park upstream

The Academy’s big footbridge to the Stadium . The bike dump.

The rope swing.

Little River flowing to the Exeter at the  little footbridge

That fellow on the opposite shore was collecting artifacts.


One thought on “Exeter River Nov 6,2009

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the pictures, they motivated me to walk down to the river. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was less trash in it than I expected. I had some random thoughts about turtles, frogs, ducks, kayaking/canoeing and wet basements. I wonder if anyone is studying this formally. It seems to me this event, or future ones like it would be a great opportunity to do a variety of things, including clean-up, repair/maintenance, ecologic/environmental study (?conservation commission or students). What do you think?
    Best, Ton

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