Castor canadensis

The call  has  gone out for more pictures of the drawdown, so I went  out for few snaps this am. I was on a spit of land with the Exeter River on one side  and a draining swale on the other. The River side muddy bank was loaded with  animal tracks.  Raccoons  seem to be enjoying the clams/mussels. I happened  upon a slide to the water, and I figured a muskrat , a big one. The slide is to the left of the stump.

This next one is the entrance to the lodge

This the top of the lodge below.

The slide or haul out went to the top of the  lodge, yes, I figured it out. I just had never seen a riverbank lodge. I am used to the lodge in a pond. I guess prior to the drawdown it was a pond. So as I was looking around I hear a great slithery kerplunk at the bank, but see nothing but a swirl. Then a great  splash, really loud. Frankly I thought someone was messing with me and had tossed a huge boulder in the River.  Then I spotted this guy,  and saw him hit the water  with  his tail  about 30 yards away.  Making every effort to draw me away from his lodge, now exposed. I didn’t move, so  now he comes back.

This  next picture is basically his “charge” He was really pushing some water my way.

Then a quick turn,

Up came his paddle of a tail.

Wham , water everywhere and he was  gone, and so was I .

Check out the beavers eyes at about 1:55 in the video below. ( all they found was Lambert’s camera!)

Pretty cool, just a moment really from Downtown.


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