Let’s not

Shaharah Bridge in Yemen. The bridge was rebuilt in the 17th century  over another bridge. If you travel to Yemen you don’t miss this bridge. Yemen is filled with such gems of antiquity and they take pride in preserving  these sites. I saw it coming ,the new front  well before the Detroit  incident. We are so itchy to pull that trigger. Kill  5 here, they get 8 of ours, on and on. No extending a hand of  Peace, just more violence.

If you would like to become informed about Yemen  read a few of the articles posted below. It is a Country  that needs assistance not boots on the ground, and drones  in the  air. There is some confusion about who  wiped out 80 women & children in Yemen  recently. Was it us? Was it the Yemeni’s? Does it matter?

Yemen Finds Dreamland of Architecture


The Akhdam of Yemen

I hope that bridge is still standing after we  leave.


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