That’s what you do before you  exterminate people. It has been in use for a long time, we did it, with the Japanese. I am sure the forces arrayed against us also employ cartoonists. This post is meant to inform and remind. You have all seen these  images before.  You  must be constantly aware of the use of  propaganda. You must point out these attempts to influence you to your children. So mount  the  parapets  about your own castle and defend it against this continuing barrage  of hate. This simply cannot go  on.

Always with buck teeth, big glasses.

The Japanese Soldier depicted below has  the visage of a monster.

This makes the job easier, the killing, so we must not accept examples of this anymore. This will  help to stem the  flow of blood on both sides. It makes your life so much easier to accept Peace as the only solution. So many problems simply disappear,like mist,like bad dreams. You  are calm and your calmness  can be felt by others around  you. In your home, at  work, on the street.

The Reuters link below is about the Yemeni’s latest strikes against their own  internal rebel factions. The photo is unlike any I have seen to date from the War on Terror. These are not  shaky guys in helmets too big for their heads. They seem quite capable in their ease. This is something  new and  does not seem staged. It’s interesting.

Reuters News Service/ Yemen

In  most stories about our  enemies you will see  words such as these used regularly.  Lair, nests, dens, cells, oh boy cells really freaks people  out. The  Yemeni leader   is using  us to get rid of  folks he doesn’t want around. The Saudi’s launched an air strike? Do any of you realize how significant  that is ? They have  probably  the highest grade Air Force  in the region. Top grade stuff. They never use it.

So read what ever you are reading these days  carefully.

Just finished reading “Imperial  Life In The  Emerald  City”

“Inside Iraq’s  Green  Zone”

It details exactly why Iraq is such a mess, still.

I will be donating it to the Library this week.


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