It’s here!

After  reconnoitering ( out for  a walk, just trying to be trendy) Town this morning  I declare Spring has sprung. I don’t care about a few more messy  storms . It’s here !

I always wondered  when driving by this cottage on Railroad Ave just how small it was, inside. I was amazed when it went for  sale  then was purchased. Now I understand. Those ceiling beams are  hewn,  you can see the tool marks.This place had zero insulation.

It may be that a period  of tear downs is upon us. Bad thing? Or  opportunity?

I have to say  when you get out and walk you  have to wonder what was going on here  years ago. How did that  motel  get inside the block off Front Street on Lane Court?. It’s a motel  right? Bing map that site, birds eye view.


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