The Final Push

I joined Don Clement and Julie Gilman  yesterday for some  downtown sign holding , waving , horn  beeping, and  that great  Sun on our faces!

Lots of local luminaries stopped by to just hang and chat.

We met so many supporters and  there were loads of out of Town  visitors. The Lincoln events  were  very successful. Many of these visitors took a moment to comment to  the assembled about our lovely Town.

It felt  good to be  part of that scene.

We talked about  the  “big tent” and we want everyone  in there moving forward.

The Community  Tent.

I am going out now to  cut some  forsythia  to force, I can’t wait for Mother  Nature.

Vote, and make sure you  make a few calls  specifically to remind people to vote.

It’s a good thing because  anyone that  does not vote feels  bad  after it’s over, that’s a fact.

Save a  friend or spouse  from  that self loathing!

Enjoy this beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “The Final Push

  1. Ken

    I briefly spoke with Julie and Don on the way to a picnic at Swasey (where I once again needed a restroom for my daughter-whatever happened to your composting toilet crusade?).
    My one observation- Why did it seem you were much more enthusiastic than either of the candidates?

  2. mikelambert Post author

    The toilets are on hold Ken, money, pure and simple and priorities.I got my 100.00 ready to go, I just need 999 more people to pony up. I wasn’t “feeling it” Let’s have a go at it again after the dust settles.There really is only one vendor, no big discounts, we write a check, they come, install in one day , done.

    Julie and Don are very serious about being Selectmen, and it’s much easier to cheer lead than actually serve, no denying that ! That job is not a Monday night only position.I suspect that awareness on the part of the candidate could dampen ones enthusiasm from time to time. I was out this morning with Don on the corner downtown and he was “up” and ready to serve!

    See you tomorrow at the High School.


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