Songs For Haiti Benefit

This is sloppy work, forgive me. I got alot going on  this week.    My other gem of a brother Steve was struck down with  a stroke Wednesday  and we are back &  forth to Dartmouth. Love it up  my friends, love it up.

While holding a sign downtown for  Don Clement during the race, I met the woman that  was putting up these placards.

She is also the driving force behind the concert. I told her about how my brother Matt & his wife Donna  had just returned from a medical mission in Haiti, we had a nice chat. I offered to post the benefit news at that time.  The  bands look terrific! She has 600 seats to fill . Please think about buying a ticket at Exeter  Music.

Looks like a  great time and the need remains  in Haiti.

My brother sent me his Haiti Diary with a couple of pics.

A neighbor’s child had sent this doll along with  Matt to give away.

Donna spreading the love around, with balloon  animals!

These shelters are the very definition of rude.


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