final pilgrimage

Hudson North from the GW

Manhattan south from the GW, the Empire State  is dead center.

We drove down to DC to pick  up Jeff’s belongings , he  left his job ,and is making a through hike attempt  on the Appalachian trail. He flies to GA next week to  begin the trek April 1st. I will  update his  progress on the blog. If he makes Mt. Katahdin  we are invited to  hike the final ten  miles. Those will be some great pics!

I was  amazed at the  level of planning required. I hiked about 4 days of the trail  in Virginia with my brother Matt way back when . I think my boots weighed more than Jeff’s pack. This is  ultralight hiking now, ounces count. Jeff has allotted 5 months to complete  the trip before his graduate school deadline.

Trail Map

We have done DC  backwards and forwards now through the years. I highly recommend  the journey and if you don’t  have kids to take along, borrow some.


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