predictions? 4/1/10

I am  awaiting the first mosquito  forecast, Nostradamus is of  no help.


Update to a post from 2010


I am wearing this  flexible wrist bracelet its impregnated with  bug repellent, I find it repellent, but I have been working outside in this glorious weather window. My Aunt buys these things for me on Home Shopping, gutter cleaners,spider zappers that utilize sonic waves. I appreciate the effort she makes to make my  life easier and  bug free. The wrist thing seems to be  working actually.

I had a couple of  decks to get done while Doozie  is on the road, plus this dry weather is perfect. I am using Australian Timber Oil, it’s an oil based stain and I have a long history with the product and have used it on  3 small entrance decks of mahogany. They have reformulated the product,it actually  dries now, the old stuff took weeks, if you were lucky. There were web sites devoted to guys railing about the drying times.  You have to be stingy with it, one coat, no over work. One deck had to be completely sanded as I had, in a foggy mental state last summer used another  product, on that  one deck. A stain “system” which  means really hard to get off when you realize the orange picnic table look was not what you were going for, so it had to come  off this year I actually started the job with an orbital  sander and had a 1/4 done when I remembered Exeter Rent All, and a belt sander, 2 hours later and one belt.

I was on my knees all day  yesterday and the mosquitos  were very persistent  and( I wasn’t wearing the wrist thingy)   were really ticking me off.

Do you find with  all this news about EEE that you swat the buggers a little faster? No casual “oh  a mosquito” flick. Are you  a bit more aggressive, maybe some wild waving, a check for blood?

Are you striking your children?

“Mam, really!!!”

“Oh no , he had a mosquito, on his neck, I swear”

Phew, no blood.

We are getting news bulletins , “four found in Seabrook”  I mean what are you supposed to do?

Would you wear one of those  woodsy hats with the netting that drops over your face and neck?

In public?

Once at Dunkin Donuts, in the drive thru,I noticed an obviously home made bumper sticker on the car ahead.

“My Dad died of EEE” or something pretty close to that , and some advice about protecting yourself.

It  was very sad.

We are heading into the Fall sports season, all the field games were in question one year hereabouts  due to the presence of mosquitoes.

I guess all you can do, is be aware, and don’t mind smelling like  you just came back from camping.

Crews spraying for mosquito’s along the Squamscott


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