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It was always pleasant taking my kids to Boston to  enjoy the Swan  boats. My mother did the same with me  growing up, fun. It is a lovely garden, a cool  respite, tranquil.

Frederick Law  Olmsted  and his firm were responsible for planning and executing Boston’s “Emerald Necklace” of parks.

His firm also  designed the Swasey Parkway.

I recently made a call to Jay Perkins(Swasey Trustee) about  the waste can, the one in front of the pavilion. I felt it was  out of place, you find this style of waste container at fast food restaurants. Since there  are few “hard elements” on the Parkway it just sticks out.  I never  put up a swing set  out back  or a metal shed, but hey, that’s me.

I also believe the Swasey Parkway is perfect and the experience is diminished by  vendors. No one will dissuade  me from that  viewpoint.

It was  disappointing to hear  Gerry Hamel suggest  that  he, as a newly elected Swasey Trustee would like to see more vendors  on the Parkway.

It is my understanding Gerry  now has  clear concept of  his responsibility.

Try and get down to Boston  this Spring  for a ride on the Swan  Boats, but have your lunch first , there is no rough fare available  in the Public Garden.


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