red alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was quite a gust that came through Town yesterday. In our neighborhood we had one tree affect 3 properties when a huge maple was cleaved. There  really was just one big gust, then it was over, apart from some rain.

I was outside at it’s onset and heard this really weird public address system with euro police tones, some garbled warnings. It was quite odd really. I think a good ole siren is the best.

It was coming  from the Swasey Parkway Area, up over the hill to my ears.

It is a weird alert noise and coupled with  the disembodied voice, they should use it for fun  on the upcoming UFO weekend.

So this time  I surmised it  was the Academy Boathouse, maybe those Blue Light Emergency Kiosks are also equipped with  a PA System. If that’s the case we should all know about it. We would want to warn everyone about the impending invasion or wind gust, right ?


UPDATE 4/21/14

The safety public address system was alerting today at the Phillips Exeter Academy. I was alert as last year it was tested on Wednesdays, they must have made a change.

Tonight at the Selectmen’s Meeting as there is enough time to find out by calling PEA Security, the  alert test schedule should be relayed to local citizens, just to allay anyone’s concerns.


One thought on “red alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Mike, I have heard that weird PA system before and (in my memory) it wasn’t related to impending storms. I can’t figure out where it comes from either, but it is almost scarier than the storm itself!

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