Denise Landis

I met  Denise  Landis in Kathy  Corson’s living room . It feels like a long time ago but yesterday at the same time.

It was the nascent meeting of the Smart  Growth group and our game?

Keep Walmart  out.

I  remain pleased as should all the merchants and  citizens of Exeter.

Put  your Party  affiliation  aside during this  upcoming election to insure we elect top notch , committed ,and smart  people  to public offices.

I will be voting for  Denise. I also hope  that since  times are  tight we  will all send some dough her way to insure her election in November.

“I have experience in leadership positions and I have had a lot of success in each of the organizations I’ve belonged to,” she said. “My distinguishing characteristic is that I like to see things done properly and I like to see things done with expediency and I think I’m very good at accomplishing what I set out to do.”

Denise Landis

Expediency in this context I assume to  be “let’s get it done”



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