35 years of fun

I  have  been getting all the camping gear together for the Katahdin trip and Ichabod’s big finish at the summit.

The tent is perfect.

There have been some questions raised (Doozie ) about my participation in that event, the summit part. The Hunt trail is the route  and it has been videotaped  many times. My  knee was twinging while I watched a few.

Pete Kennedy is loaning me his hiking poles.

It’s my own fault, I ran down  Chocorua  two years ago and my right knee still complains.

Brian, our mail carrier  is really goading me about  doing it. Brian returned  recently from a hike in the Grand Canyon and must forget what he told me about that trip. That motto of theirs  only applies when carrying mail.

This  cabin tent  belongs to Doozie, purchased well before our adventures together began. It is  about  35 years old and is canvas. It is in near perfect condition. The  reason  it is so perfect is  simply that  provenance, it’s Linda’s.

One of  our very first dates was camping in this  tent, at Zeeland Falls. Every couple has their own odd bits that still draw a chuckle, “potatoes in a can?” “I think they can be zipped together! ” I think your foot is on fire”  companion line is “nah  that’s just steam”

They don’t need a rim shot  or a burlesque style delivery, they  stand alone and explaining them is difficult to others, you had to be there.

We camped at Hermit  Island, ME  with Bryce & Jeffrey, sometimes 3 times a season. I know many people loathe camping, but if the site is right, it’s great. Hermit  Island is  that place, go.

So  when we  packed up that  first time camping I got a lesson in folding a tent, Linda’s  tent. It was methodical and had to be done correctly. The sweeping of the interior  was always inspected. So that’s the way it was done. If it was wet, the first thing upon  the return home , set up the tent, until it was bone dry. There are more condition issues with her trousseau.

I sent Dooze a picture of the tent  yesterday as she is traveling. “Looks  good, how is the door zipper?” “Fine, like buttah”


It’s  really a special tent.


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