Fire prevention tip

Really, make sure to check your dryer vent for  lint buildup. Here, since the exhaust is somewhat involved ,it requires  disassembling a section of vent pipe. Just the two of us , but an inspection always bears fruit, lint.

If I could throw a kill switch  upon leaving my house , I would. I only say that  as ‘faulty wiring’ “short circuit” always figures in new stories I read concerning house fires. That is impossible though , the sumps must have juice!!

Gotta love the ” new fangled” irons with the auto shut off . I can remember turning around on 101 after the iron on? or off ? conversation .

I won’t even  leave the  dryer going when ducking over to Arjays.

Take a good look around your place as we head inside and turn on the furnaces, fill the wood stoves, pull out the space heaters. Smoke detectors?

You are  on your own.

Should one be concerned about the mutual fire aid pact in NH? I see another Town/Village/Hamlet bought a new fire engine. They still cost a bundle, half a mil easy. Should  participants in the pact be compelled to buy new equipment? I become concerned when I hear about a fire truck failing at the scene. Old Betsy might still take a shine but c’mon, order a new fire truck.

I was looking at the Rockingham County map and wonder  about all these little villages and hamlets. How can they survive,really? I am  a proponent of  mixing things up a bit and  actually employing a County model for at least firefighting.

Portsmouth recently suggested taking over Newington’s FD. A few years ago a house caught on fire opposite the mall. There was some  problem at the scene and the house burned down. I am pretty sure what the problem was  but  who wants to dredge up  old news.

I do.

The Air Show debacle, can we talk about that  a little? The news door slammed shut on any recap of that  mess. Thirty thousand people (  official count?) were trapped for hours at a scheduled event, hot day sure, but  clear. I was away enjoying my own air show on Mt Katahdin in Maine.

You gotta figure that was the last Air Show for Pease.

Seabrook  Station( nuke plant) wants to extend their license and the State is scrambling to  find their feet on yes/no. I guess the State knew all about the time lines.

I think a drill is coming up soon or some group is planning a disaster drill on the Seacoast

We couldn’t  evacuate the  air show crowd . A year  or more in the planning.

There should be some truth talking about  that mess.Maybe we could learn something useful should there be  a real emergency.


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