Great? Dam

Toupee Warning- 40-60 mph wind gusts are forecast.

I am dropping the bimini on the scow tout de suite.

The Great? dam water level might be dropped by as much as two feet today to accommodate any heavy rain.

I was enjoying a libation in the lounge at 11 Water recently with Doozie.Gazing out into the black void of the dam pool I imagined a tasteful bit of landscapeĀ  lighting.

No color wheels please, or lasers.

Really, it would look so nice. When we take the dam down then the lights will illuminate the sparkling Exeter River as it trips and gurgles on its way to the Sea, unfettered.


One thought on “Great? Dam

  1. Mike I thought you might be interested in the following environmental appropriations…Great Bay/Lamprey will see benefits.
    Oddly, the one for Conway is being used for evil instead of good. Check out my blog. Mr. Gregg has been notified by the family who owns the Saco River Floodplain in question of the town’s intention to use that funding as a means of running municipal raw sewage line through the field and river. Great use of funds appropriated for evnvironmental purposes.

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