Quandt 1072

Ferraro 903

Renee    707

Childs    560

Water treatment  plant No-  1082 yes/753 no needed 60%

Jady Hill No ( disgusting) 1047 NO  784 yes  Quit blaming the Town,  the ignorance I heard  today at the polls was astounding.

Forget about water meters. Last thing you want in any system is accurate meters.

Budget  892 yes/  899 no  another 200K will have to be cut. Seeking the cellar  in NH

DPW got zip ZERO.

Fire Dept got the air breathing gear 1078 yes 672 no

Raynes Farm No

Ryder   984 yes 757 no

Paving yes Whoopee!!!!!!!

Norris Brook Culverts 956 yes 843 no failed needed 3/5  What’s a culvert ?

Water & Sewer Committee 1270 yes 453 no  This will prove a difficult assignment now, I promise you .

Will of the morons.

1919 voted out of approx 11000 voters



  1. time to send in the cops (environmental division) to turn off the illegals.

  2. ….and I dont think it’s fear. It’s ignorance combined with a heaping of selfishness.

  3. If Mr Childs had marketed himself with half as much PR as Ferraro and O’Barton he would have been a shoe in….

  4. Voters apparently did not take the time to educate themselves about the warrant. The cost of voting down the budget and sticking we taxpayers with a default budget: an additional $120,000 to be raised by taxes. Defeating the proposed water treatment plant in Gilman Park…at added $1.1 million in “forgiveness” from the state revolving fund (or 30% of the $6.35 million cost) which probably will not be available after this year, which, by the way, had no impact on taxpayers as it was all to be paid by water/sewer users.

  5. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for voters to get educated when the candidates depend on voter ignorance and the Local Paper seems more than willing to aid the cause.

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