1. Mike – Whatever happened to majority rule? Has Democracy become Democratic Dictatorship? Come on now – let us not lose that which our founding forefathers fought and died for.

    Closing Water Street to everyone is another scare tactic. The photos show only the face. Has anyone gone into the culvert to check what lies beneath the road?


  2. Wayne,
    1900 people voted out of 11000. Yes, I have peeked under the culvert. The road is a mess the result of years of patch jobs. I have other photos. An engineer was hired to make an inspection, so here we sit. We now have certified knowledge of a deficiency.
    On another note, I am not afraid of Government nor would I think to ascribe such antics to it’s minions. If I were to suspect such malfeasance as you suggest in the closing of a major thoroughfare, all sorts of people would be looking for work. Can you try and leave the blood and guts stuff out of discussions concerning basic infrastructure. Of late I find myself having little patience for hand sitting.

  3. “Scare tactics”? Yeah, that makes sense. The town wants to do some unnecessary road work and in order to get the money for it, they will scare people into thinking its necessary.
    Is that the next fake cause: “By voting against funding for the culvert, the taxpayers were saying ‘we don’t want it fixed.'”


  4. A quick review of past CIPs will yield pictures of the culvert under the roadway. The town has had “certified knowledge of a deficiency” (as you put it) for 6-7 years. Why would the town allow the problem to get to the point of an emergency project? Why wasn’t this worked into the road maintenance budget?

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