Stillwells Ice Cream

Opening this Friday , April Fools Day. Right at the base of  Water Street. A stroll on  the  tranquil Swasey Parkway, cone in hand.  A boat ride to the  Bay  with  a banana split. I think joggers should be banned  from the Swasey during prime ice cream strolling time.

Just so no one feels uncomfortable.

“You   got a little  marshmallow on your nose”

Good Luck  to our  newest merchant! The ice cream is from Richardsons  Dairy in Middleton MA.

Open every day  11-9pm



  1. Thank-you sooo much for bringing Stillwell’s Ice Cream to Exeter, N.H. Your frozen yogurt and sorbet are to die for!! Thanks.

  2. Thank you for opening up your yummy business right in the heart of Exeter! Great location. We appreciate your business and thank you for supporting our small business over at Seacoast Bounce!

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