local impact

I saw a bit of news out of Germany, Siemens who owns Osram is selling the business.  They see no future in a commodity consumer product, lightbulbs. The  Exeter facility is a specialty house, theatrical lighting,  some components  for other products. Do I remember a  time when a police officer was needed at  shift change on Portsmouth Ave?

This facility  has 50 or so people on the property during the day. Some are  Siemens employees involved in another business arena. That is not meant to marginalize  the  50 slots. It is  simply indicative of changes in  manufacturing  processes.  When you watch a television  show all about how things are made are you not struck by how few people are required?

“I pour the goop  in this end  and the doll comes out the other”.

Osram property on Bing

Could one get out to  Holland Way from the property? I think the site could use an additional access road.

I hope the  Exeter  Chamber and EDC are on top of this possible  change of ownership.


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