Hammersmith Sandwich Company

Choices, we got em in downtown Exeter for lunch. I was zipping through downtown this morning and spotted this sign. I tried to figure out how I missed this  new establishment. Is the sign too high? Am I on this stretch of Water St  focused on pedestrians springing from in front of parked delivery trucks? Getting ready for the Loaf’s crosswalk which  is sometimes used by pedestrians? Some people have way too much faith in  the sanctity of the crosswalks in Exeter. You cannot simply step off the curb, it might pay to look both ways. The driver might be texting, eating, eying their mounted laptop(yup they do it too) or a  visitor trying to figure out the latest detours.

I peeked in the window of the Hammersmith Sandwich Company, the menu board  listed  a  “Cowboy”  sandwich.

I understand from another tenant in the building they  have been open for 2 months. Stop in to say hello.

They  have 3 tables inside the shop

“Meet ya round the corner in about a half an hour”

Hammersmith’s  on Facebook


2 thoughts on “Hammersmith Sandwich Company

  1. Pardon the appearance, but we were changing our menu over to the Spring/Summer menu. Did you make it in? Always happy to meet new folks in the area and dish up some sandwiches!

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