water woes today


A 6 inch, 100 year old water main burst at Chestnut St & Jady Hill Ave . The break occurred/ was discovered last Friday. The repair is being hampered right now by  pent up water in the copse of trees  beside the break. That water is supposed to drain through a culvert, which is collapsed. That backed  up swamp is  now flowing into the pit where the break is located. So, it’s a water main break and a collapsed culvert job today. In an area with approx 250 homes there are only 3 valves to isolate  a problem.


1 thought on “water woes today

  1. Cap'n Dunsel

    Water main break in area of town where LocalPaper urges people to do nothing about water infrastructure = not news in LocalPaper.

    LocalPaper’s Facebook page = news in LocalPaper.

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