Police detail

I thought the Farmers Market was going to pay for a detail on Water Street to allow 2 way traffic over the culvert on Thursdays. I guess I was mistaken but thought this was discussed. Driving the length of Main Street  to Epping Road (at 25 mph)   to gain access to 101 is asking a great deal of everyone and the confusion is evident today on the roads.

I would like to hear what has done to date to  move the culvert repair along? Is anything being done now,(prior to the vote) are contacts being made relative to permits, has a tentative construction schedule been mapped out?

These questions will be asked at any deliberative session so get the answers now. Let’s get out in front of this critical repair.

I am now enjoying a delicious chicken chili from the Swasey Farmers Market and also grabbed some salad  greens.


1 thought on “Police detail

  1. Walter

    It does not seem to be to bad but I feel bad for anyone who wants to go to Newfields rd during that time.

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