Dear FFDers, Because Mom’s are so special…we’ve got many specials for Mom. I’ve most likely mentioned previously that seafood fare,once the cheap staple, has turned into a special occasion offering to those you care about.

Do you care about your Mother?? Does she like seafood??? sounds like a 1+1 equals….equation. The answer to the two previous questions: = FFD.

Quite the selection this weekend. There’s got to be something she would remember you for when making out the will…Appetizers: Lob meat, crabmeat, crabcakes, cooked shrimp,calamari salad, trout pate, bay scallops, stuffed clams.. fresh albacore tuna salad. *SOFT SHELLED CRABS.*.. Give a shout and we ‘ll put something yummy together for ya .

Meals….Wild King salmon(sushi grade)…Sword , Tuna, Sea scallops, cod , hake , haddock,,Flounder. California wild Rockfish..(small perch like fillet for tacos or a quick fryer for the kiddos.) Grouper. So there’s a bunch of grillers or if it decides to sprinkle , they taste pretty good inside as well.

We’ve got some really nice Lobsters from Maine that are hard and semi affordable @$7.95. They(lobsters) probably have the best chance of keeping you ahead of the siblings in the “heir apparent pool.”

Produce : Forget about it. all kinds of nice fruit for her breakfast in bed. Mangoes, Pears, Apples, cantelopes..beautiful Calif. asparagus,red new taters from Fla., organic Vidalia onions(new crop). Organic field mix for your salad needs. In short, it’s all here.

If not for your Mother, or the Mother of your children, then who??????

Thanks for your time .. Fred

146 Front Street

Exeter, NH 03833-2623

(603) 772-5011

1 thought on “FFD

  1. Rachel

    How about opting to take Mom out for a hike, bike ride, or kayak outing tomorrow? Let’s think outside the box here! If your mother’s not up for a hike, perhaps a nice stroll through a beautiful garden or just park yourselves on a bench near a tree or bush that birds like to frequent….simple pleasures. If, by some misfortune, your mother doesn’t enjoy the outdoors, take her to a museum or other place that focuses on an interest of hers, whether it be sewing or silver spoon collecting, there is a place to visit that will focus on this. Share an experience with your mother, even if that means sharing a seafood dinner together! The gift of your company is what matters most.

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