Special Town Meeting

The judge  approved our meeting today. So, we will be getting together again and with a new perspective to decide the  fate of the Norris Brook culverts. That’s all for now.

From a previous post  I had this information and do not know if it is still accurate given the prescribed  notification schedules.

“The Selectmen surmise that  a Deliberative Session will be held on June 6th, then  the vote on July 12th.”

I got 7 yards  of mulch in the driveway and it’s beautiful outside.


3 thoughts on “Special Town Meeting

  1. Tm Dziechowski

    A decision has come down in the court case over the municipal budget committee warrant article and the petitioners won. Hopefully Exeter will be able to place that warrant article on the ballot for the same special town meeting and save some money.

  2. Mike

    Time constraints related to public notification laws will prevent this from occurring.

  3. Cap'n Dunsel

    Hopefully people will attend tonight so that mischief isn’t done by those who think that letting the town disintegrate piece by piece is an appropriate way to lower property taxes.

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