I really don’t “get”  hyper local news at all. Patch, how was that name selected ? Is it  a reference to  the cabbage patch?


“Cat in tree on Maple Street”

I bet a fried dough truck could  assemble a host of   supporters too.

I am really struck  by how many  locals are weighing in with comments on Patch.  Gerry Hamel is the latest to blame the  Selectmen for the culvert vote on the hyper local news site.

The  CIP committee,Planning Department, DPW, and  clueless residents are all blameless I guess. The  big turd that is this mess  lands steaming in the Nowak Room according  to Gerry, a Swasey Parkway Trustee.

The  Mcreel Building residents referred to their backyard at  the last Selectmen  meeting. Good for them!

Think about that folks and then  reset  your feelings.


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