Mark Damsell

I just came back down  Newfields Road from Bittersweet Kennel, Bailey had an overnight. I had seen Mark working  when we left Town yesterday at the northern end of the Swasey Parkway. He has really cleaned up that area and plans on  painting  the fence rails soon. Check it out, the debris filled his truck.

I thought perhaps the Boy Scouts were out today on Newfields Road collecting trash as someone had filled  a ton of bags. Nope, it was Mark. I spotted him just now  near the DPW yard and asked him about it. He has been doing it for several years  now, on his own, the State  provides the trash bags.He just loves Newfields Road and the Parkway.

Mark Damsell Landscaping 10 Newfields Road. Exeter, NH 772-2818



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