250 voters?

At 11am  that’s the count in the fully engaged  Town of Exeter, NH.

“Giuliani is coming!”

“Bite the bullet” nice backhanded exhortation from the Newspaper in today’s editorial.

What is the point of all the noise being made about the political process, the future of the Country, “My boy won’t be able to  get a job at the  mill and live in the same falling apart Town” Television awash with  pundits, Editorials,WSJ running article after article about the perils of home ownership, “rent and invest instead!” fundamental lack of support for  science and math over sports, Francese’s crystal ball, Tea Party’s et al,mortgage walkaways, no bankers in jail,WAR, “You watch Fox?”, a woman screaming at selectmen, lawsuits for the disenfranchised.

Somber  community funerals for the fallen.

What is the point  of  any of that if citizens in communities do not exercise their  right and duty?

I had a guy tell me today he really  might not go over and vote. “I am voting no anyway” he says.

I pretty  much let it slide as I was  honestly floored by such a comment and now that person  has been diminished  in my eyes.

That part really bugs  me and maybe  sharing was not such a good idea.

I asked him to reconsider the not voting because I want to know the truth about the Town and this can  only be proved to me with a large turnout.

You simply have to vote.

There is no gauntlet of signs  at the Talbot Gym to avoid , eyes downcast, hurrying.

If only a handful decide this matter  of the culverts the howling will never cease.

There will never be any changes, none, unless you participate on every vote.

“Aw c’mon post some sunset pics will ya”.


One thought on “250 voters?

  1. I will be voting yes. Your no friend is unfortunate.
    It seems that to a lot of people, the ONLY thing that has value is money. So if you have “the culverts will raise my tax bill by 1 dollar” on one side of the scale, it does not matter what’s on the other side of the scale., because unless its money, it has NO value.

    I noticed the ‘bite the bullet” comment. Nice appeal to the merits of the issue by the same people that made citizens afraid to vote for anything.

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