Streamline Air

The new airline at Pease is a start up with one destination, Trenton NJ. If they did  establish any routes to Florida the aircraft would be  an turbo prop. I will take a wide body jet thanks. I heard an interview conducted with an airline official  of Streamline and he was talking about costs, his costs. When they  rolled out the cost of Jet A fuel was about 3 dollars and change , it’s now over 5 bucks a gallon. The ticket price to Trenton from Hanscom is almost double a Southwest flight to Philly. The Trenton Mercer Airport is about 45 minutes North by car from Philly. The  Trenton Airport has seen a dozen airlines come and go since 1983.

Why did the Portsmouth Herald  not report the name of  the new airline ? Why the drama of an article lacking the basic information? What sort  of a “package” will this airline to Trenton  get?  Some  airports  that have extended  a big welcome  to start ups with incentives have been left holding the bag. This outfit will be flying  20 seat planes of business travelers, not vacationers.

Here are a couple of links  concerning the  new airline

Wicked local Lexington Streamline Air



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