Dear FFDers, Classic case of “if we don’t have it, you don’t want it ” kind of Friday. Gonna pour this weekend, with no chance of any “honey-do” outdoor projects. It’s looking like a “might as well eat good” type of day tomorrow. so bring some buddies over and show them how when given the time in the kitchen you don’t mess around. here’s some of the things to consider:


1) MUSSELS, STEAMERS , MINCED CLAMS, QUAHOGS, OYSTERS…..on the half shell , steamed, or sauces…to me these are the representatives of what seafood flavors are


1 ) Haddock, Cod, Flounder.. will try and put together a stuffing of some sort for the afternoon crowd

MANDATORY NON-WHITES ( far be it from us to discriminate..

1) Bluefish, Mahi, wild and farmed Atlantic salmons, Sword fish (family feeder special $9.95), and Artic Char


1) Halibut, Sea Scallops, Panama Black Grouper



PRODUCE: ORGANIC DEPT…LOCAL GARLIC, BUTTERNUT SQUASH, and not local bananas…and red leaf lettuce

beautiful sugar snaps , asparagus and COMICE pears….yes, we’re proud.

Yes, other stuff like lobsters and clams, minced clams and soda pop

Remember we love to peel shrimp and lobstermeat so just give us a call .


Sorry about the crabmeat ..not available for a stretch now…this means no crabcakes either. I can say however that this is about the only bummer happening at FFD today… come on down we’ll fix you up…..thanks for your time,



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