FFD road trip

Dear FFDers,

Things are a bit different this week in terms of fish arrivals. I’ve got a friend in a high place who resides in Fla and he auctions off a NE lobster /clam bake to benefit a museum of sorts. Your’s truly is the featured “Captain” who runs the cooking , schmoozing and instructions in what the hell to do with that annoying neck-skin on the steamer.Those that don’t pay attention end up eating the neck-skin and it is safe to say they don’t ask for seconds. It’s a bit of a busman’s holiday, but it’s my one long getaway per year and the most is made of it. Florida is not my cup of tea , but shirt sleeves on the back porch with the beverage of choice in mid Nov. can be tolerated for a weekend. The boys, Alex and Nick will be doing their darnedest to get you the good stuff in my absence. Here’s some those items:


2) Fresh Tuna Steaks..Sword steaks,, Wild salmon

3) Choice large sea SCALLOPS

4) Nice Georges Bank Flounder large 10 to 14 oz

5) Mahi-Mahi still hanging and in good shape

6) The old reliable haddock and Cod nice and fresh

7) Bluefish …optimum quality

In case this weather holds ..we ‘ve a couple classics for soups: Creamy Clam and a Corn and Lobster stew, which would go nice with Anthony’s fresh baguettes delivered Fri am. and speaking of FLA. I grabbed the first of the year lg RED GRAPEFRUIT and was pleasantly SURPRISED. Garnet yams , Rutabagas, red taters…organic field mix lettuce.

Pre-game nibblers: crab cakes, baked stuffed clams, calamari salad… new batch albacore salad..and please remember..we love to peel shrimp, pick lobster meat so you can get right on to the cooking.

Okay gang check in on these fellas and make notes , I want details on the service , cleanliness and quality of purchase. I realize when venturing of for a few days things will lapse. I just hope things can be recoverable upon my return. Thanks for helping in holding down the fort and as always, your time…..Fred


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