Just spoke to the indefatigable, unsinkable, Carol Aten down at the Ioka. She asked me for  Kyle Glowacky’s phone number.

She needed  some information, specifically, how to turn off the lights! Kyle should get hired fast if he’s not on location shooting some new epic.

A local philanthropist(unidentified for now) has stepped forward bought the theater( 600K) and placed Carol at the helm. Along with  a core group of other citizens on a  Board, they can get the ball rolling.

Once they are done, buying new seats, sprinklers, AC, and are up and running, it will then  be up to us.

To support the place.

“Oh c’mon  it’s Chinese tumbling!”

“I don’t care, we are going”


UPDATE: Kyle is on a sailboat headed South. Somewhere between Bermuda and Tortolla, according  to his Mom.

Ryan Howell is now on the case, another IOKA  veteran. He  is shore-bound in NYC.

One thought on “IOKA SAVED

  1. Hey Mike, Its Kyle……its so funny to read this….

    I hope all is well. My sail is over, now I’m in LA looking for some film work!

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