Fresh Fish Daley

Just snagged some beautiful  haddock for dinner tonight, now here’s the latest from Front Street.



Dear FFDers, Wait til you see what we’ve brought back into our humble Front Street locale. I decided to lean heavy on the North Atlantic fare.:

Super quality, can’t misser’s: Large Haddock, cod scrod ( small), George’s bake Flounder, Large Sea scallops.

Other ocean wonders: Large Bluefish, Swordfish, Wild King salmon and farmed atl.salmon.

Fresh water beauties: rainbow trout from Idaho, incomparable taste.

I ‘ve had the boys dicing and chopping for abit now and here’s what they’ve placed in the prepared section. Seafood stuffing with scallops, Calamari salad, Crab cakes, Red Clam Sauce, Smoked Trout Pate.

If haven’t had a bowl of this fish chowder you really don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. We’ve boiled down some Snapper and haddock racks to make the richest stock if you feel like doing your own soups , risottos, etc. . We leave the clam chow to the pros and after a taste you can see why.

Please remember that we love to peel shrimp and pick lobster meat for your little gatherings during Christmas. If you’d like to place an order for your Holiday festivites just call 772-5011.

We’ve also have a really nice produce selection this wekend, from lettuce to the garnet yams, to comice pears and mangoes that will need a day or two or just may ripen before Christmas. Oh yeah, some of the nicest spaghetti squash you’ll come across. Okay folks I better go supervise the kitchen and actually produce some of these things I’ve mentioned…Look forward to seeing you and thanks so much for your time…Fred

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