Making a comeback

A few months ago I was in Cambridge, waiting  on a luncheon partner.  I was at the rear of a  building in  my car when I spotted something very odd.

I always have the camera so I was able to squeeze off one shot. Oh, an aside here concerning  cameras without viewfinders, they are useless on the water and for action shots.

I got one  more shot but it  was really  moving along the top  of the fence, the pic is so shaky it’s not worth posting

 I feed the squirrels out back to keep them away from the bird feeders. I buy cracked corn at  the feed store, from Jimmy.

Rim shot.

You can  practically see through a grey squirrel tail, you hardly  notice the  squirrel really, they are everywhere.

Black Squirrels are far less common and make for an eyeful.

That was a black squirrel I spotted in  Cambridge and they are on the move. It’s still considered a rare sighting in New England apart from specific colonies. A few days ago a neighbor who had just  walked home from Hampton Beach  spotted  two of these fellows along the way and was quite startled as I was in Cambridge.

The Wiki entry will make you an expert should you happen  upon one of these unique rodents locally.

Wiki  Black squirrel


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