The business located here on Main Street of car detailing and U-Haul rental  is on the move, to Stratham. The new location is at  the Under Car Specialty Shop opposite Irving  Gas at the Stratham Heights Road intersection. The U-Haul component  will be relocated to Epping Road.

Now, lets  have some fun. The fellow that owns this land is whistling Dixie on his asking price. The traffic count is atrocious certainly compared  to  Portsmouth Ave.

Any business in this location is renting, big time.

Rental properties are often not maintained properly, both  commercial and residential.

It’s on a curve. Never a good location, cuts way down on  consumer decision time.

The old gas tanks have been removed and we should  look forward to needs for  parking and  kiddie pickup/dropoff  for Main Street School.


We should buy  this site which is not suitable for any commercial venture and would be, as a landscaped parking lot, a significant improvement for the Community.


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