Fresh Fish Daley

Dear FFDers,

Most likely only a select few of you folks had it cross your minds that last week was the 1st anniversary of my very public plea of needing the reefer van in order to proceed into Boston. It’s a story that I will take with me til my mind doesn’t allow it. So many patrons , who I considered friends, and their extension of friends came running in such a whirlwind of good will and well wishes that it’s hard to imagine being able to ever show sufficient gratitude for making good ol FFD extend it’s life for, well, let’s just take it a year at a time. Today’s trip solidified how important it is to “get to the source, ” and without OUR rig I simply wouldn’t have had the chance to bring back some items better than fresh, as in: alive. a couple examples:

1) Native Shrimp that were still kicking.

2) Sea Scallops…twitching fresh…I’ll get some more of those for Friday.

And close to alive,just 12 hours out of water, Scituate “hooked” pollock.

A truism that simply couldn’t be more true ; “NONE FRESHER.”

That of course doesn’t really scratch the surface of what we are offering today.

I realize people love to know that that is really how fresh they would like their purchase to be. However , this business just doesn’t work that way anymore. With limited days to fish and limited boats to actually do the fishing, there are plenty of days that we buy what wasn’t purchased yesterday, today..making it , God forbid, a whole day older. I also know nobody wants to hear that fish directly out of the ocean can be a bit bland. In my humble opinion, a few days on ice before filleting can age the product for a fuller taste and richer flavor. I realize I’m not a good enough salesman to convince too many of you, but it is accurate.

Believe me.

Those types of seafood we have including:

Haddock, Hake, Flounder, Grouper , Cape Bay Scallops, Tuna toro, Swordfish, Wild King salmon, Atlantic farmed raised salmon.

Got more prepared stuff than we know what to do with too;

1) calamari salad,, albacore tuna salad, lobster salad,

2) Cakes: crab, salmon, gramma’s fish cakes ( made with salt cod.)

3) Soup types: FFD’s own Fish Chowder, Clam Chowder, Lobster Newburg for 4.

In other words, Soups on!


Organic lettuces, garnet Yams , Strawberries, grapefruit (white and Pink), fresh mushrooms, shallots,, beautiful red potatoes…and fresh Broccoli crowns, and bagged spinach. Yup, its endless!

So…. though the year didn’t show much of an improvement in terms of net bottom line, I believe I mentioned in that e-mail a year ago that what my actual bottom line was was hearing how great that meal was due to the quality and freshness of your purchase. The fact that year 30 was possible simply because of your generosity , “drives” me to the source in order to be rewarded in hearing those types of responses .

I remain ever grateful to those contributors and ALL of the faithful. Thank you for your time…Fred

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