Food for Thought

Last evening we attended with  friends, the launch of the Blue Moon Evolution Dinner Series. A dinner, lecture and table talk about sustainability and food. It was a glittery night. Gary Hirshberg President and CEO of Stonyfield Farm was the evenings guest speaker. His presentation was peppered with facts and figures detailing the mess we have made with agriculture and the use of  chemicals to enhance yields. The key seems to be in legislation aimed at food  labeling. If we could  have truth in labeling the consumer would make the right and healthy choice.


The payoff to individuals and society from such legislation would be highly beneficial for the Future.

Kathy Gallant & Gary Hirshberg

This special event, and there are four more scheduled through May was sold out.

We all were wearing name tags,so I could not help but read the names. A diner across from me , a striking woman, had her full name.

I whispered to  Doozie “that’s somebody” I was having some trouble placing the name, “tennis, or figure skating, I am not sure”

People came from all over New England to attend the event and I was sitting across from Tenley Albright.


Tenley Albright the first American woman to win a Gold medal  in figure skating in the Winter Olympics of 1956. In 1952 she took the Silver medal. A World Champion, and a Surgeon. Truly a remarkable figure by any measure.

I shook her hand.


You can  read more about the series here

You can also add your name and  a personal message to a petition to the FDA at this site. Just Label it

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