2012 Deliberative Session

The Town of Hampton is discouraged by low citizen turnouts and  long winded speeches that leave some drained. My feeling is that such antics are constrained by a large turnout. Hampton is considering a change in government to address the issue of poor turnouts and  business meetings that are too long in their view due to windbags. I suggested to Warren Henderson many years ago a change in the charter locally when Warren was still at the State House.My trial balloon was floated  for many the same issues plaguing Hampton.

His eyes bugged out.

I don’t think Hampton  will be changing their system of government any time soon.

It is to me both disappointing and telling when  only a handful show up to participate.

That is why I am  dismissive  of politics, the problem is not at the top.

It’s right at the grass roots.

I hope to see a full auditorium tomorrow at 9am at the High School.

Hey, you can  hit the new Dunky Donuts at the Mobil on your way  out to the school!

“Is that it?”

“Gimme a cruller”

“A what?”

“We call it  a stick now sir, glazed or plain?”

Here  is the Town Warrant , 17  articles, it should go very quickly, if that  really matters to you.

I just received the note below which may comfort those of you still on the  fence.

“We did a dry run over at Riverwoods last night. We presented and discussed 8 warrant articles. We went a little over an hour.

So Saturday we have that plus the budget plus 3 citizen petition articles. My best guess is no longer than 2 hours.”

2012 Town Warrant


Another  beautiful day!

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