For Rent

The Tattersall House has been empty for some time. The Trust Co. Cambridge? moved out. The property is owned by the Academy, which is a very good thing for all of us. I had to ask Chris Moutis at the Deliberative Session about a former tenant , a restaurant. Time had simply filed that name from my memory. We ate there too.

The Starving Chef had relocated to this location  from further up Water Street. They had been where Puddlejumpers is currently, the children’s clothing store. It was  big move according to Chris, and the new dining room was small,coupled with renovation costs. It also is a location with no dedicated parking. I hailed a PEA security officer yesterday as she was checking the property.

“Got a tenant yet?


I wouldn’t care if it stayed vacant, as it’s very well maintained, nice plantings. It really compliments the Tavern opposite. The Academy has spent a bundle at that edge of the campus of late and we all benefit.

I spoke to Don Clement last night about the practice of  leaving unwanted items  on the curb  with  a free sign, for weeks. This should be discouraged by the Community. You can call one of the many  organizations that will come right over  for the old couch. We recently  made arrangements with Big Brother/Sister. They  arrived at the appointed hour.

I just figured out the reason for this  post.

It’s my Valentine to the Academy.


Another  beautiful day.

5 thoughts on “For Rent

  1. I recall the Starving Chef being in the now vacant lot next to 11 Water Street until a fire there. Funny how memories work (or dont work!).

    And to your other point, Big Brother/Sister just picked up a large load from us.

  2. I think in my time there have been two cobblers. Hammer & Last in the Candy Store location, now in Hampton and prior to that another fellow in the vacant lot.

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