Lost Dog/ Found Dog

I was just up to Bittersweet  Kennel in Newfields picking up Bailey  and was handed the following flyer.  The dog slipped his collar yesterday after being picked up by it’s owner. So, the dog has been missing since yesterday. No collar . This is when your belt can come in real handy. The dog is recently adopted and is unfamiliar with the area and will probably not be finding it’s way home. It is approachable though may act strange, so better to call in a report if you cannot get a hold of the animal. You might enter the number to call on your phone now so you have it available to call in the sighting report.

Bittersweet Kennel is at the top of Route 85 near the Route 108 intersection so the animal is most likely roaming west of the Squamscott River in the Newfields- Newmarket area. This is a large dog that should be visible at a distance( across a field) so just look around while driving in the area.

UPDATE-The dog  was caught in a trap this morning right outside the kennel. Granite State Recovery set a trap, and the dog entered the trap this morning Valentines Day! So, the lesson is, they  don’t wander that far  in many cases. My cairn would have been  miles away hot on the trail of the next chipmunk.

A good outcome on KODO


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