Fire Drills:

NFPA 101 requires an Emergency Egress and Relocation Drill (Fire Drill) be conducted once a month while school is in session, with one drill being held within the first 30 days of school. The NH State Fire Code amends this to allow the drills to be suspended during the winter months after at least four drills have been held. In addition, no more than two of the fire drills can be replaced by drills that test emergency response to other hazards when the local fire department and NH Office of Emergency Management are involved in their planning. In addition, it is required that all occupants participate in the drill. This includes not only all the students, but office and kitchen staff as well as the administration. (101:14/15.7, Saf-C 6008.04)

The schedule for fire drills is being adhered to in Exeter. If you live in an outlying area you might inquire  about your own school’s  fire drills.

A proper fire drill  means the alarms are triggered and checked for ring through during the drill by experienced firefighters.Announcing a fire drill over a PA is not an approved method.

This months safety tip.

If you  have a strip mall  in your Town with a gable roof there should be fire walls to prevent  flames from one business over spreading the entire complex. You might have your  community fire prevention team check to see if such walls exist . If  they are in place, have them checked for breaches.