Sig Sauer

When I first heard our local gun manufacturer was considering a move to Pease some months ago I was concerned. I made a phone call to the Newington Conservation Committee. My heads up call to  Justin Richardson a committee member was not about the loss of jobs in Exeter, it concerned the gun range, the Sig Sauer Academy. The current site is across the street from NE Dragway in Epping. I can hear the pop,pop, pop, rat tat tat  from my neighborhood.

How is  it that the closed auto dealership on Epping Road is not in play for a new manufacturing plant or office  expansion ?

I called the range the other day  to inquire about hours. I was out walking the dog and heard the gunfire at 8pm. They are open till 9pm.

The gun range now sited across from the Dragway is perfect.

A gun range at  Pease and shots echoing across the Bay, not so perfect. Noise travels very well across water.

There seems to me plenty of opportunities in Exeter for Sig to expand without a move. Being close  to the range is also better suited  for Corporate visitors looking to loose a few rounds.

I hope the EDC is working hard to combat the entreaties of the PDA. They  are very aggressive and have a bag full of enticements.

Great tee times!

I also hope any test range at Pease if needed, is an indoor facility.

Thought some of you would be interested in this tidbit. The PDA is  you know an authority unto themselves.

PDA minutes  1/12/12

1. Noise Exposure Map: The new noise exposure map produces a new contour map using information on existing activity and anticipated activity projecting five years out. This is not a public process.

Not a public process, of course, it’s the Tradeport.


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