No paper, no other web site said anything. During the Forum, in a room filled with experts on all things water  & sewer Mr Eastman misspoke.

Mr Eastman is running to regain a seat at the table.

He said the Selectman cost us an additional million dollars by moving the ground water treatment plant from Gilman park to Lary lane.

That  was a real whopper.

The warrant article for Lary Lane is the exact same amount as when  proposed at Gilman a year  prior.


2 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Alan Bailey

    Apples to Apples please.
    Recently, Selectman Ferraro made the case at a board meeting, based on DPW information, that due to location the PRESENT Gilman Park water treatment plant plan would cost about a Million Dollars LESS than the PRESENT Lary Lane plan. The board acknowledged the difference and for “various” reasons approved the Lary Lane plan anyway.

  2. Mike Lambert Post author

    My source says the Board did not agree with Frank’s mathematical machinations.
    A former commenter(anonymous) called me and asked me who you were the other day. I was perfectly insulting on your behalf with the gent.
    “You mean to say you call yourself a concerned citizen and you know not of Alan Bailey? Then I lauded you at length for your continued interest in Town matters and suggested the fellow get his game on, or retire his Townie sweatshirt.
    It did however remind me that this continuing conversation we have in Town would be a very cozy cocktail party. We don’t need to rent a ballroom.

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