432 citizens, Community members have cast their vote.

We have close to 10,000 registered voters.

You simply have to  vote. There is no palatable excuse you could submit to me.

Doozie is traveling in  NY state this week, she  voted absentee on Friday.

You should email ,text, use the blower and contact your own circle of fellow citizens and urge them to vote.

After you vote today.

( I reminded two neighbors last night while walking the dog. “Oh, is that  tomorrow?”)

Maybe we could ring a big bell from a steeple or let the fire horn wail every hour to summon us to the Polls

“Yes sir may I help you?” “You seem quite distressed”

“Earplugs,I need some earplugs, these bells, the horns, the noise”

I have said  this before and will say it again.You cannot and should not  participate in any discussion about anything in Town without paying the price of admission to the fray.

What sort  of a  public life  is that ?

Stifled by your own inaction.

“Why didn’t you get up and say something?”

“I can’t, I didn’t vote”

“Really? you didn’t vote?”

“Look get off my case, I just live in Exeter I can’t be bothered with all this local stuff”

I need a  mandate folks, we  all  need a mandate. It’s key to the process of getting on our feet and moving forward.


Michael Lambert