Final Tally

Dan Chartrand 1400

Robert Eastman 800

Julie Gilman 842

Andrea Kohler 1299

The file highlighted below , hand printed numbers, so very quaint, will inform you  of the other results. It’s going to be a busy Summer with all the infrastructure projects getting underway.


Since the Town Crier was all out for  Julie Gilman allow me  one comment. There were a great number that took the tack  of voting  to keep Julie at  the Selectman’s table. In effect voted for her again as  a Selectwoman. I tried to dissuade that voting block that I became aware of early in the race to no avail it would seem. I hope your precious vote bears fruit for us all. Certainly  the new Town Clerk will have to get moving  on  several fronts.

Chartrand, Gilman, Clement, Quandt, and Ferraro.


While the turnout was better than last year it’s still very low and evidence of  a disconnect of gross proportions . I had several  people tell me today they no longer  take the Newsletter. So where do you get your information, not here, not on Patch, peeking  on Seacoast online? Channel 22 had no sound last  night during what looked like a great debate. So really, how are you keeping yourself informed on  Town affairs in order to make  qualified decisions in the  booth? Just wondering .

I am very disappointed this evening, I won’t deny that. I did make a pledge to several people regarding banging the drum this year. If it didn’t fall my way,  the  Town stuff would get moved to the back burner. If there are only 2500 voters it all hardly seems worthwhile to expend any effort cajoling such a small  group.

This is one  for the record books for sure

Thanks to all that participated in this years  vote.  The poll workers, the candidates, the sign holders, those among us filled with passion. Hurrah’s!

Let’s all  let the dust settle and stop and refl….., nope, let’s roll up our sleeves, shake off the dust, and get moving as a Community.


Mike Lambert

6 thoughts on “Final Tally

  1. Mike,

    I would argue that today was a very good day in Exeter. Dan’s election was obviously a high point but the general level of support for progress in town was terrific today. A voter turnout of 25% may seem low in the abstract (where were the other 75%!!!) but it is actually a strong turnout for a town election and is higher than last year by a good amount. Julie and Dan and the other members of the BoS will help to make sure that our new town clerk pays attention to the issues that were raised in this election and much-needed modernization in that office is now likely to happen. All of the infrastructure projects passed – that is cause for celebration on Jady Hill and throughout the town. Article 16 on funding for human service agencies passed by the largest majority of any warrant article proving once again that Exeter cares for the needs of all of its residents.

    Mike, I think today was a very good day in Exeter and thanks to you and to the Crier for the role you play in the town.

    –Bob Prior

  2. Thanks Bob.Yes, the infrastructure votes were terrific.
    Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for your continued support and that of your readers. It seems each year we get another 1 or 2 percent of voters to the polls so let’s keep the trend going. While I lost my race I did win a great addition to the BoS and approval of the necessary work the Town has to get done. It looks like we have a great year ahead.

  4. Mike,
    While I’m glad the necessary infrastructure improvements will continue, I feel that the deal struck with the Jady Hill residents is poor public policy. We as a town (rate payers and/or general tax payers) should not be footing the bill for improvements on private property. As a property owner you are responsible for the land, structure, and all that goes with it. It is the town’s responsibility to construct sewer laterals up to the property line and the homeowner’s responsibility from the property line to the dwelling.
    The fact is that the project was originally presented that the homeowners were responsible for sewer lateral work in the right-of-way and the town had to over compensate by committing to pay for improvements on private land. It was mismanaged from the beginning.
    Hopefully we can move forward with the project and avoid such missteps in the future.

  5. Ken,
    Every house is different in Town, I too felt and feel that the connection from the street to your basement is your baby, it’s cleaner and what I thought was settled law, or common practice everywhere. My plumber did a job recently on the street connection of a Jady Hill resident. It was a major excavation since it was slab house. I was thrown by the complexity when stopping by to peek and the depth of the sewer line in the street relative to grade. I got a little education, but only enough to know,this is not a water line. Which I had done at a previous home.This homeowner had a collapsed Orangeburg tar paper pipe issue.
    If it was not Orangeburg one could pull a new drain line thru an existing decrepit pipe.Jady Hill is loaded with Orangeburg,so excavations are necessary. The Town felt bad for the ouch and rhododendrons. In another area of Town with similar issues of inflow/infiltration and greater setbacks this Town participation might be less of a bargain for the ratepayers. Though in referencing other areas in Town the density of dwellings is lower, so the pendulum swings back.
    I am so glad it’s getting done though, it’s a significant amount of water and untreated waste eliminated from Clemson Pond, and the Great Bay. I have photos of the CSO in full flow, gross.
    It will also be nice when Jady Hill has some decent asphalt to drive on as you duck through.

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