Happy Mothers Day

Mother Machree

There’s a spot in my heart,

Which no colleen may own.

There’s a depth in my soul,

Never sounded or known;

There’s a place in my mem’ry,

My life, that you fill,

No other can take it,

No one ever will.

cho: Sure, I love the dear silver

That shines in your hair,

And the brow that’s all furrowed,

And wrinkled with care.

I kiss the dear fingers,

So toil-worn for me,

Oh, God bless you and keep you,

Mother Machree.

Ev’ry sorrow or care

In the dear days gone by,

Was made bright by the light

Of the smile in your eye,

Like a candle that’s set

In the window at night,

Your fond love has cheered me

And guided me right.


I kiss……(repeat)

(Lyric by Rida Johnson Young, Music by Chauncey Olcott

and Ernest R. Ball,1910)

Frances & Matthew Lambert

I was in the middle, three before, twins after. This large extended family  really came together these past few weeks to support each other and Mother. My Dad passed away one day after his 95th birthday on June 20th, at home, peacefully with his beautiful bride. They visited the beach that day, did all their errands.

It takes great  focus to get through  these events, natural though they be. There is so much work to be done. I don’t know how one gets  up and down in the traditional process of wake and internment in a weeks time. We have not even targeted  a date for a memorial service.

He was 95, I had steeled myself for this, but that armor has proved useless. This is a singular experience.

 Happy Mothers Day Fran


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