I used to belong so did Doozie, in fact we got our name on the wall under the stairs with all the rest of the early members. Doozie is now at Planet Fitness, I left Synergy years ago as since I am in such good shape according to Doozie I didn’t “need it”. I got that $10 a month deal at Planet Fitness too but rarely go.

I will inquire time to time of a buddy who  still exercises at Synergy if it’s busy, he has told me that it’s been quiet. I never did much swimming there but always heard the pool was too small. Doozie in her final days was always telling me the sauna was broken again.Plus in any pool there is always “that guy” the  one that seems to think he owns the joint. A small pool makes this fellow really a pain for the “splashy swimmer”

“Please stay in your own lane!”

“Sorry, I am just learning how to swim”

Synergy was way over the top for this demographic and the local consumer when presented with other options…. well, the bottom fell out.

It was really quite odd to have such a facility on a campus that  has significant space constraints, the health club  part specifically. The type of service proposed  for the new and improved building is geared  more towards our demographic, you could build it in Maine too. Was this re purposing of the building subject  to the CON process? The press release from the hospital  regarding this facility for creaky folks would make you think people are going to drive long distances to avail themselves of its services.

“Yes, we drive down from our lakeside  place in Sunapee to get stretched”

“It’s so unique!”

I really question the focus  on the carriage  trade by the hospital. The Nursing home on campus, which morphed to a  ventilator  facility were both closed for the same reason in my opinion, not enough private pay.

The median age in NH has pushed past 40 to 41.1. In Maine it’s 42.7. We are two old States, with lots of creaky folks to treat. I hope we see more nursing facilities for those in the middle. We don’t have close to the number of beds that will be required. The aging boomers are coming at us like a freight train, we will need to provide specialized care for all the boomer Alzheimer cases. If you thought taking care of your own waste and protecting the environment is too much of a burden, wait till you see the bill for taking  of your fellow man.The  numbers don’t lie, the question really is who will be the caregivers for all these folks, the greatest generation also spawned great  big  families and they are largely  underfunded for their own  end time care. Its  going to be a mess. It should really be a significant public discussion, but it’s not.

Like many major issues.

During the last election cycle our phone as yours was ringing off the hook with polls. I would participate and wait for it to end.

“You missed one” I would say.

“I did?” this was usually a cause for concern for the hourly wage worker on the other end.

“Yes, you did, you did not inquire as to my views on education”

“Oh, that’s not on the list”.

Ok, back on track.

The paper quoted someone as saying the current Synergy membership count was almost, near 3000. That’s funny. The article was probably a press release anyway.

The YMCA if it is ever built would siphon off even more Synergy members. The YMCA family membership still represents some serious coin and  commitment.

That Winter bubble proposal for our community pool is just a fantastic idea and  I hope it happens.

I am not surprised by this closure at Synergy.

I am sorry about all the folks having to find new jobs.