the coming menace, maybe

The Town’s mosquito abatement contractor  is dosing all the storm sewers, it’s a yearly procedure. Massachusetts has announced that  they will be using aerial spraying this year  in certain locales.

Mosquito activity is difficult to forecast. A mild Winter, that false Spring we experienced, these torrential and persistent rains( larvae can be washed away), no high temps, all these factors must be weighed. I am sure the Press will be awash soon with  bug stories. Ticks like  damp weather, we for sure  have tick activity.Bailey has had several hitchhikers this Spring, and they  found him on the lawn, not walking in fields or woods.

Make sure you dumped out your tire swing this week and any other standing water on your property, that really helps.

The bats were feasting over my head last night in the backyard and the bird population seems quite good. They are both key in  keeping the mosquitoes in check.

“Take that  off Fred , it looks more stupid than your fanny pack!”


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