usa today

Doozie was away all week and when she returns I get to read 5 days of USA Today from her hotel stays.

She saves them  for me.

I enjoy the Across the USA section. Where they post the top stories  from all our States. The blurbs run the gamut from  “Trumpeter swans released in Montana”  “Missing boa constrictor in Missouri ” .

“Dry conditions spark wildfires in Utah”

New Hampshire

“A State Department of Corrections report shows that  515 of the 1095 prisoners released  in 2007 had returned to prison  by 2010., violating parole either by by committing new crimes or breaking rules of their parole-they didn’t check in  with their parole officers, drank and associated   with criminals.”

A significant  part of the system in a very small State  is not working.


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